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Vision group members have access to a huge network drive named suchmuch, where everyone can share and backup data. The suchmuch drive can be accessed from any computer in the computer science department, including the main vision lab in WSC106. New members can set up access to suchmuch under Windows XP by following the instructions below.

Set up access to suchmuch:

  1. Log in to any Windows XP machine using your usual RENT account.
  2. Open My Computer, select the Tools->Map Network Drive menu item (see first image below).
  3. Choose an unused drive letter to map, such as Y:, and enter \\arion\suchmuch as the folder to map.
  4. Click Finish. You should now have a network drive named suchmuch that you use for storage or to browse files that have been shared. (see second image below).
Adding \\arion\suchmuch as a network drive.
Adding \\arion\suchmuch as a network drive.
Accessing suchmuch from My Computer.
Accessing suchmuch from My Computer.
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