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Vision group members have access to workstations in WSC106 listed below. Detailed configurations of hardware on each workstation is posted on suchmuch in directory lab_equipment\dell\WS106. You can also check software available on these workstations.

Note.The workstations in WSC106 have different hardware configurations designed to match a variety of projects. Use your discretion when selecting a computer to work on, but be prepared to share it with other users. Computers could be assigned or reassigned to projects based on their specific needs and priorities.

  • multivac (32-bit Windows XP)
  • skynet (64-bit Windows XP)
  • stalker (32-bit Windows XP)
  • elvex (64-bit Windows XP)
  • r2d2 (64-bit Windows XP)
  • vger (64-bit Windows XP)
  • athena (64-bit Windows XP)
  • boomer (64-bit Windows XP)
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